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The Fears Garrick watch involves a considerable amount of hand-making and hand-finishing and as such they are made in very small batches. We are currently selling watches from a batch which will be shipping in July 2023.


Made in partnership with Garrick Watch Co.

The result of three years of painstaking design, development and testing is a hand-made watch of exceptional quality and refinement, containing details and flourishes found on haute horology timepieces.


The Fears Garrick’s curvaceous 42mm case is made and finished in Garrick’s Norfolk workshops and uses lines with delicate flares which ensure it wears extremely elegantly. The curved sides of the meticulously polished 904L stainless steel case help the slender watch slip easily under a shirt cuff.

Slim as well as curvaceous, the watch sits close to the wrist with turned down lugs ensuring a comfortable fit on all sizes of wrist.

The Fears Garrick is manually wound each day using a bespoke crown that gives a controlled feel to the precise wind.


The Fears Garrick features an Old English White dial, with a fine matt texture that is reminiscent of traditional paper. This clean, smooth, bright surface is the base for the many minute design details that combine to give the Fears Garrick its technical feel.

Deep glossy black printing is combined with seven lines of blood red on the power reserve display at 2 o’clock. These lines represent the moment when the watch’s main spring has wound down. Across from this display at 10 o’clock is the running seconds, which is sunken into the dial with a crisp diamond cut bevel around its edge that is coated in precious Rhodium to draw the eye. This same effect is replicated on the opening at 6 o’clock where the movement’s balance is visible as it rotates back and forth.

Applied by hand to the dial’s surface are the diamond-cut numerals, produced in our bespoke ‘Edwin’ typeface. Each numeral is treated like a precious gem in its cutting and polishing before receiving a coat of Black Gold, a special, warm alloy that changes in the light.


The Fears Garrick features the distinctive ‘Fears’-shaped hands, which are hand-finished by a watchmaker, giving them a depth and detail not found in mass-produced, stamped watch hands. Each set of hands is subtly skeletonised before being thermally blued by flame. This traditional method of thermally hardening the steel results in a unique shade of blue that turns from almost black to electric blue in the light.

Fears is one of only a handful of British watch brands that construct watch hands in-house, in the UK.


Visible through the Fears Garrick’s exhibition case back is the exclusive, manual winding Garrick UT-G04 movement. Based on the Garrick UT-G01 that was presented in 2017, this iteration of the movement features a power reserve indicator at 2 o’clock.

Exclusive to Garrick, the UT-G04 is hand finished to an exceptional level in the Garrick workshop in Norwick. Visible on both sides of the movement are six screwed chatons (with a further three hidden beneath the dial), an indication of its refined execution. The screwed chatons contrast beautifully with the bridges and plates they are fixed upon, which have been hand frosted with polished bevelled edges. The dark shade of the Rhodium plating provides a stylish contrast to the otherwise classic English appearance, and gives a contemporary feel to the movement’s details.

Visible through the case back are the two screwed cocks along with the Garrick click. This gracious click ensures a precise and satisfying wind when the movement is powered by hand. All finished to an exacting standard by expert hands.

The balance wheel, made from Garrick’s exclusive alloy Sircumet, is positioned dial side and features a free sprung balance. This type of balance has its timing regulated with the adjustment of timing screws, effectively altering the moment of inertia. The benefits of this system include superior rate stability and less susceptibility to positional influence. In this instance, the timing screws are positioned in-board, mitigating air turbulence and thus aiding precision.


The Fears Garrick is paired with a handmade strap in Fears Blue. Hand sewn in England, this premium strap uses calf leather that has been vegetable tanned in Britain’s oldest vegetable tannery, Thomas Ware & Sons of Bristol. The watch is fastened by a stainless steel pin buckle that is both polished and brushed before being subtly engraved.

Alternative straps are available. When ordering we can discuss the options available for making a bespoke strap to accompany your watch.


Each watch we make carries a unique serial number. Engraved discreetly on the case back, this number helps to identify your watch and its history.


For decades Fears presented watches in a dark blue box with a cream-coloured lining. We are delighted to continue this tradition today.

The Fears Garrick is presented in a bespoke wooden box, crafted in Britain from English Ash featuring marquetry before being stained in our bespoke Fears Blue colour. Lined in genuine cream suede, the watch sits proudly on a special cushion.

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