Blackout P-Zero X Series Black (Rose gold)


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Blackout P-Zero X Series Black (Rose gold)

“After having had a prototype of this watch in our boutique in Geneva for more than a month, the conclusion was clear: Our customers wanted to buy this piece.
A unique black design, a dial drawing an X, with beautiful lines. No doubt, it will be well on your wrist.

Our watchmakers will make sure that this model is of maximum reliability, so that you will never remove it . Except for another Blackout Concept watch!

Also available in white. But whatever choice you make will be a good one!” – Blackout Concept

Blackout Concept is the perfect brand for:
– Complementing your luxury watch collection, in these times where theft of watches are more and more present. To keep your style impeccable and walk around with a free spirit, with a reliable watch on your wrist, at an affordable price.
– Make a nice watch purchase, from a dynamic brand and especially very close to its customers, to start or develop your watch collection.
– Fans of timeless watch designs

  • Blackout Concept comes with a 3 years warranty upon purchase


Movement: Automatic M2771B
Power reserve : 40 hours
Case size: 53*45.4mm
Material : 316L stainless steel
Glass: Mineral
Bracelet: High quality rubber – Fluora
Buckle : Ardillon
Water resistance : 5 atm
Warranty: 3 years

How to adjust my watch:

  • To set your watch, simply pull the crown gently and turn it to adjust the hours and minutes. Once your watch is on time, you can return the crown to its original position. You can then simply turn the crown to wind the movement and activate it.
  • If your watch is on time and on your wrist, the balance in the automatic movement will allow it to wind itself.
  • Concerning the steel bracelets, our certified watchmaker will know how to adjust it perfectly for you while keeping your guarantee.
  • The length of the leather straps are manually adjustable

Maintenance tips:

  • Clean it from time to time with a microfibre cloth
  • You can also clean the case and the bracelet on an occasional basis using soapy water and a soft brush.
  • Before cleaning your watch, make sure the crown and push button are closed and waterproof.
  • Store your watch in a compatible jewellery box when not in use.

Buy Smart

“Our quality/price ratio is simply unbeatable!

As you can see, our goal is to allow everyone, from the watch enthusiast to the novice, to wear a model with an attractive design, for an affordable price, and with a high quality standard. We take the position that Swiss Made is not the only guarantee of quality, and we prove daily that it is possible to produce quality watches with Japanese movements.” – Blackout Concept


“Each watch by Blackout Concept is tested, adjusted and controlled by our watchmakers in our workshops to guarantee the highest possible quality and reliability.
These same watchmakers are certified by the most important watch brands.” – Blackout Concept

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